AccQtrax’s core business is the production of thermal labels, both direct thermal and thermal transfer. AccQtrax has extensive experience in the variable imaging market and guides you to the best thermal solution for your business.

We have a large fleet of presses, both flexographic and digital, that produce four color process work as well as up to 10 PMS colors. Combine that with our vast die collection, laser die-cutting (for smaller productions), and array of available materials, we are capable of producing just about any type of thermal label in both small and large quantities.

Thermal Transfer

At AccQtrax, our area of expertise is in variable imaged products. As such, we are a leader in the production of thermal transfer labels. We carry an extensive selection of stock thermal transfer labels in both roll and fanfold formats. We offer both paper and film facestock as well as stock flood coated label options.

Direct Thermal Transfer

AccQtrax is also a large manufacturer of direct thermal labels. We carry a broad range of stock direct thermal labels in both roll and fanfold formats, in both non-top coated and top coated versions, along with a variety of adhesives to match your application.

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