Print and apply systems are extremely beneficial in the shipping and manifesting process as well as other places in the warehouse. Typical systems include a barcode scanner to identify the particular parcel, a print/apply machine, conveyor for inducting, labeling, and discharge, a verification scanner to read the printed label, software to merge data and communicate with the host system, and shipping software as required. 

Pre-printed labels aren’t always worth the inventory trouble they bring. Especially in situations where data is constantly changing, like with serialized products. AccQtrax offers a complete line of print and apply labelers that can apply printed labels at any angle.

These include the ability to track shipments and inventories with details such as product ingredients, content, weight, etc., as well as opening the door for radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. 

All of our print and apply labelers can be paired with any line of product handling systems in order to meet your exact requirements. You can also feel confident that  AccQtrax can provide ongoing onsite maintenance and support for your print and apply equipment.

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