AccQtrax has a number of labeling products that address needs specific to cleanrooms & critical environments, including applications in the semiconductor, storage media, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Custom labels for your critical environment

Labeling products can be tailored to your specific application, including custom constructions and specialized materials, and are available with a variety of features relevant to critical environments, including labels designed for:

  • Class 10 to Class 10,000 cleanrooms
  • Extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Sterile conditions

AccQtrax offers custom-designed, pressure sensitive labels for any cleanroom or controlled environment. Our labels can be customized with various label stocks, print options, adhesives and sizes to meet your cleanroom application. Made from material that is low out-gassing, has ultra-low leachable and low particulates. Each label is tested for surface particles, and all are cleaned and packaged in a controlled environment.

We’ll tailor our labels to your exact specifications. Feel free to customize your label with various stocks, print options, adhesives, and sizes to fit your needs. Each label is cleaned, tested, and packaged in a controlled environment.

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